DUBAI – Eduardo Enrique Reina, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Honduras, affirmed that the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) stands as an effective global platform to unify efforts and confront the climate changes witnessed worldwide.

During his participation at COP28, he emphasised that the meetings organised by the United Arab Emirates as part of the conference present a unique opportunity for Honduras. This is because Honduras is among the countries most affected by climate and environmental issues, particularly facing natural disasters such as hurricanes in the Caribbean region.

He stressed the importance of the conference in showcasing the region's efforts in facing these challenges, as well as presenting proposals and discussions on various issues to be addressed. Honduras has submitted approximately 7 proposals during the general session, including international changes to protect tropical forest areas and marine conservation.

He stated that global efforts are taking concrete steps forward, and COP28 represents the most significant step for all nations and governments to begin making real decisions regarding climate change issues. ‘’We are happy to participate in this global event.''

He highlighted the leading role played by the UAE in supporting international efforts to address climate and environmental issues. The establishment and development of quality funds by the UAE to tackle obstacles that the world may face due to climate change, including the creation of a $30 billion global climate solutions fund, provide an opportunity for all countries to present initiatives and projects that will contribute to protecting the planet and ensuring a more sustainable future for future generations.

It's worth noting that island nations contribute less than 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions. However, they are among the most vulnerable regions to the risks of climate change, particularly due to the continuous rise in sea levels, ocean warming, and increased storm activity, causing degradation of their natural resources that support their economies.