The latest United States public survey published late Monday showed the number of potential voters for current US President Joe Biden, motivated against former President Donald Trump, had doubled due to Biden's first term performance.
The poll conducted by CBS News in cooperation with YouGov Research Company stated that 54 percent of pro-Biden voters were only doing so to oppose Trump, in contrast to 27 percent of pro-Biden voters who had been satisfied with the administration.
Whereas 19 percent the voters would vote for Biden because of being the Democratic nominee, CBS News added.
Biden's campaign team underscored the importance of the election not to be limited only as an anti-Trump campaign, highlighting the current President's policies and positive actions, elaborated CBS News.
Recent surveys and polls indicated US voters to be dissatisfied with both Democratic and Republican candidates, but Biden's success over Trump is likely probable.
CBS News' survey showed the current elections were tied as Biden had a one-point lead in seven states, whereas Trump had a one-point lead nationwide. Last March, Trump was convicted with 34 counts of falsification of business records in the first degree, giving Biden a seven-point lead.
"Biden does better on personal likability and being viewed as compassionate. But that likability gap does not match vote preferences, because a lot of people who dislike Trump personally are voting for Trump anyway," the survey explained. (end)

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