Nigeria’s recently inaugurated seaport and rail projects will create new space for economic development in the oil giant and contribute to China-Africa cooperation in 2023, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning said in a press statement.

Nigeria’s Lekki Deep Sea Port is the biggest deep sea port in West Africa and is likely to generate nearly $360 billion in overall economic benefits and create 170,000 jobs, the statement said. 

The Lagos Rail Mass Transit Blue Line project is West Africa’s first electric-powered light rail, which will effectively help to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. 

China has built over 6,000 km of railways, 6,000 km of roads, nearly 20 ports and over 80 large power facilities in Africa. Additionally, it has also helped build over 130 hospitals and clinics, over 170 schools, 45 sports venues, and over 500 agricultural projects, Ning said, adding China-Africa cooperation will produce more outcomes this year.

(Writing by P Deol; Editing by Anoop Menon)