, the largest online marketplace for car rentals from local owners, has revealed the most popular tourist destinations of the summer 2023 and the first months of the fall. During this period, the marketplace has provided the most rides to travelers in the following countries:

  1. Italy - 26% of all rides;
  2. Thailand - 23% of all rides;
  3. Turkey - 9% of all rides;
  4. Indonesia - 7% of all rides;
  5. France and Georgia were each chosen by 5% of GetRentacar’s customers, ranking them both in the fifth spot;

Even though the fall has just begun, can already clearly identify the most trending destinations of the following few months. Italy and Turkey are still performing pretty well, and many fellow travelers continue to rent all kinds of vehicles in those Mediterranean countries. This is hardly surprising, given that it’s still warm here during the autumn season. However, some new locations are also emerging. Such countries as UAE, Tunisia, and Israel are in the midst of a perfect tourist season, with local temperatures being at their most optimal for all kinds of vacations, and clearly sees an increase in the number of tourists renting cars there.

But why even rent a car when you’re on vacation? According to Eugene Kochetkov, GetRentacar’s Executive Director, there are actually plenty of reasons why more and more people are choosing to rent a vehicle on our platform. First and foremost, driving on your own allows you to perfectly tailor your ride to best suit your wishes. It provides your vacation with unparalleled levels of freedom and flexibility. Customers can easily change the route at any time, and spend their precious vacation the way they see fit. Sometimes it means forsaking conventional roads and going off-road or visiting suburbs. This is where also excels. The marketplace features an impressive fleet of vehicles in all of the aforementioned nations, which means it's easy to find a proper car that would perform the way you want in any circumstances, be it a slow relaxing ride through the city’s center or an off-road adventure.

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