Dubai, UAE – The recent announcement of a major expansion project at Al Maktoum International Airport has sparked a significant surge in Dubai's real estate market, particularly in Dubai South and surrounding areas. Industry reports indicate a notable 15% increase in property prices within the vicinity, driven by heightened investor interest and anticipated demand.

"The expansion of Al Maktoum International Airport is not merely a transportation initiative; it represents a pivotal economic catalyst," remarked Adham Younis, Group-CEO of D&B Properties. "We foresee a robust demand for both residential and commercial properties in Dubai South as businesses and residents flock to capitalize on the area's burgeoning opportunities."

The expansion project, which includes a monumental $35 billion investment, aims to transform Al Maktoum International Airport into a global aviation hub. Spanning across 70 square kilometers, the development will feature 400 aircraft gates, five parallel runways, and extensive retail space, expected to employ 10,000 individuals upon completion.

Key industry stakeholders project a demand exceeding 100,000 properties over the next decade, underscoring the region's potential as a prime investment destination. Leading developers are already responding with ambitious projects such as Emaar South, The Heights Country Club & Wellness by Emaar Properties, DAMAC's Riverside community, and Dubai South Properties' Pulse Villas, designed to cater to the diverse needs of investors and residents alike.

 The commercial sector is also experiencing a surge, with businesses eager to establish a presence in Dubai South's burgeoning business hubs and logistics centers. This influx has prompted significant infrastructure developments, including enhanced transportation networks and essential community amenities. Plans for schools such as GEMS schools opening in Dubai South include the establishment of multiple campuses by GEMS Education, offering a variety of educational programs from primary to possibly higher education options. This initiative aims to create a fully integrated community with world-class educational facilities, catering to the needs of both local residents and expatriates relocating to the area.

As Dubai South continues to evolve into a dynamic economic hub, bolstered by the expansion of Al Maktoum International Airport, stakeholders remain optimistic about its transformative impact on Dubai's real estate landscape.


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