Middle East - GlobalData named Huawei a leader in its H1 2024 5G market report 5G RAN: Competitive Landscape Assessment. This is the sixth consecutive year since GlobalData began releasing this report in 2019, which shows that Huawei has been named a leader for its products and solutions.

The report assesses the competitiveness of 5G RAN equipment vendors from five aspects, with the energy efficiency as key one. Huawei's portfolio is ranked as the leader in all five aspects. This reflects Huawei's long-term efforts to deliver superior performance and experience, simplified deployment, efficient and green O&M, and smooth network evolution.

The report ranks Huawei's AAU products ahead of competitors in portfolio diversity, module output power, and compactness. Huawei's full series MetaAAUs achieved scaled deployments globally to deliver optimal coverage and energy efficiency with the smallest possible site size. The company's FDD Massive MIMO products, which are compact and easy to deploy, support single-band, dual-band, and tri-band configurations, delivering 10-fold larger capacity and 10 dB better coverage than 4T4R. The solution has been deployed on more than 100 networks around the world. It is the only such solution that has been commercially adopted on a large scale.

Huawei's RRU products are rated higher than competitors in output power, supported frequency bands, and compactness. Huawei's tri-band 8T solution supports 1.8 GHz, 2.1 GHz, and 2.6 GHz based on true wideband technologies. It can work with FDD beamforming to triple spectral efficiency and improve coverage by 7 dB, consuming 30% less energy than 4T4R.

Huawei's BBU products outperform competitors in capacity, type, number of MIMO layers, and narrowband IoT. These advantages facilitate medium- and long-term evolution of operator networks.

Huawei's innovative energy-saving technology of "0 bit 0 watt" is supported at the equipment, site, and network levels. All of Huawei's AAUs, RRUs, and BBUs support "0 bit 0 watt", enabling 99% in-depth energy conservation, and they also support on-demand wakeup. This energy design has been widely adopted on operator networks at the equipment level. At the site level, the main equipment can work with site power supplies to ensure "0 bit 0 watt". At the network level, RAN Intelligent Agent provides on-demand intelligent scheduling of resources to create dynamic site-specific energy policies based on fluctuating traffic demand.

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