The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) has reported the execution of 10 significant deals with a total value of over AED15.6 billion since the beginning of 2023. According to ADX data, these deals were carried out through 321.14 million shares of three listed companies, namely Al Alamiya Holding, the Multiply Group, and Ghada Holding.

Among the three companies, Al Alamiya Holding accounted for the largest share of the major deals with five. In mid-January, the first deal was executed, involving 8.3 million shares valued at AED3.37 billion. Another significant deal was executed in February, involving 2.7 million shares valued at AED1.04 billion. In March, three deals were executed, involving 23.7 million shares valued at AED9.5 billion.

The Multiply Group's stock witnessed the execution of major deals in February, for 279.8 million shares valued at AED1.15 billion. The last significant deals were executed by Ghada Holding for 6.5 million shares worth AED533 million.

Last year, ADX reported the execution of 207 major deals, totalling AED68.15 billion for 16.1 billion shares.