Nasdaq Dubai welcomed three Sukuk issued by the Republic of Indonesia (Perusahaan Penerbit SBSN Indonesia III) totalling US$2.35 billion, under its US$35 billion Trust Certificate Issuance Programme. These new listings reinforce Dubai's stature as the world's leading centre for Sukuk listings, with a total value of US$96.39 billion, while further strengthening the close ties between Dubai and Indonesia.

The three Sukuk issuances include US$750 million Trust Certificates due 2029, US$1 billion Trust Certificates due 2034 and US$600 million Trust Certificates due 2054, which is a Green Sukuk. The successful listing of these Sukuk solidifies the Republic of Indonesia's position as one of the leading Sukuk issuers on Nasdaq Dubai, with a total of 20 listings amounting to US$24.1 billion.

The total value of debt listed on Nasdaq Dubai adds up to US$134.1 billion, with Sukuk amounting to US$93.89 billion. Nasdaq Dubai continues to also lead on the ESG related listings with green issuances totalling USD 19.7 billion of the US$29.75 billion ESG related issuances.

To celebrate this occasion, Husin Bagis, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the UAE rang the market opening bell alongside Eko NM Saputro, Finance Attache at the Indonesian Embassy in Abu Dhabi on behalf of Government of the Republic Indonesia and Hamed Ali, CEO of Nasdaq Dubai and DFM.

Husin Bagis said, “We are honoured to witness the listing of the new three series of Indonesia Global Sukuk. This transaction attracts interest from diverse investor types and geography, showcasing robust investment appetite and market confidence for Indonesia given the Republic’s strong economic fundamentals. The 30-year tranche was a green series and showed evidence of the Republic’s dedication and long-term commitment to green and sustainable financing to combat the impact of climate change.”

Hamed Ali said, “We are pleased to welcome the Republic of Indonesia’s latest sukuk listings on Nasdaq Dubai. These listings not only highlight the importance of Dubai as a hub for Islamic finance but also strengthens the economic ties between the UAE and Indonesia. Moreover, the demand for these issuances demonstrates the confidence that global investors have in our market, reflecting Nasdaq Dubai's commitment to providing a robust platform for both sukuk issuers and investors."