Salaries drawn by employees in the UAE are highest in the Middle East and Arab World and among the top 20 countries in 2024. The average gross monthly wage in the UAE is $3,663 (Dh13,400), the 18th highest in the world.

In the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, employees in Qatar come second with monthly wages averaging $3,168, followed by Saudi Arabia ($1,888), Kuwait ($1,854), Bahrain ($1,728), and Oman ($1,626), according to CEOWorld magazine.

The average monthly salary in the UAE is higher than in France, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Austria and more than 170 countries.

Attracted by higher salaries, the UAE has seen an influx of professionals and workers from Asia, the US, Europe and the Middle East.

“The UAE now attracts the best talent from Europe. Previously, attracting Tier-1 talent from Europe was a challenge, and most of the professionals were in the Tier-3 category. But now, the trust and confidence of Western professionals have grown tremendously in Dubai and the UAE. Therefore, now top-level professionals willingly relocate to Dubai due to its tax-free salary, safety and security, and salaries that easily match those of some of the advanced Western countries,” said the chairman of a top Dubai property developer during a recent Ramadan gathering.

A study by Mercer projected that salaries in the UAE will increase, on average, by four per cent this year.

Andrew El Zein, principal for careers in the Mena region at Mercer, said although the UAE is very attractive for people for foreign workers, many multinational firms are based here. He added that companies in the UAE are facing increased competition within the country and from other countries in the region, trying to attract and poach talent.

According to a “Salary Guide UAE 2024” report released by Cooper Fitch, the majority – 53 per cent – of UAE firms plan to increase their employees’ salaries in 2024. More than one-third – 39 per cent – plan to raise wages by up to 5 per cent, almost one in ten by 6 to 9 per cent, and one in 20 (5 per cent) is preparing for an increase by 10 per cent or more.

In the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, the magazine said the UAE is followed by Israel ($3,608; Dh13,200), Qatar ($3,168), Saudi Arabia ($1,888), Kuwait ($1,854), Bahrain ($1,728), Morocco ($1,657) and Oman ($1,626).

Globally, the average wage is highest in the European countries, led by Switzerland ($8,111), followed by Luxembourg ($6,633), the US ($6,455), Iceland ($6,441) and Norway ($5,665). African countries have the lowest monthly wages, led by Lesotho ($24), Angola ($27), Malawi ($31), Mali ($34) and North Kora ($37).

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