Lufthansa said on Thursday the delayed delivery of Boeing 777X planes is leading to prices being renegotiated and has no impact on the German carrier's capacity as it was talking to the U.S. company to get other types of plane.

"Let's assume that we get paid for our patience. Behind all delays are negotiations, sometimes renegotiations," Chief Executive Carsten Spohr said in a news conference when asked about the impact of delays Boeing announced in late April.

"Even if we talk with Boeing about other aircraft, old or new, it is all about discounts, and delays are always reflected in the prices," Spohr said.

Boeing had said on April 27 it was halting production of the 777X through 2023 due to certification problems as well as weak demand for the wide-body jet, and disclosed $1.5 billion in abnormal costs related to the program. (Reporting by Zuzanna Szymanska Editing by Madeline Chambers)