Pro-Palestinian protesters on Monday occupied university buildings in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam, Groningen and Eindhoven, condemning Israel's war in Gaza, the Dutch protest group behind the action said in a statement.

A spokesperson for the University of Amsterdam (UvA) confirmed the occupation and said it advised people who are not affiliated with the protest to leave the building.

The Eindhoven University of Technology confirmed that there were "dozens of students peacefully protesting outside next to ten to 15 tents". The University of Groningen did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Students in the Netherlands have been protesting against Israel's war in Gaza since last Monday and Dutch riot police had previously clashed with protesters at the University of Amsterdam.

Students in the United States and Europe have been holding mostly peaceful demonstrations calling for an immediate permanent ceasefire and for schools to cut financial ties with companies they say are profiting from the oppression of Palestinians.

(Reporting by Charlotte Van Campenhout, editing by Ed Osmond)