Italian borrowing costs showed little clear direction at an auction on Tuesday, as investors brace for key U.S. and euro zone data later this week.

The Treasury allotted the top planned amount of 11 billion euros ($12.11 billion) of a new 5-year and two 10-year BTP bonds, along with a 7-year floating rate CCTeu note.

It sold 5 billion euros of the new BTP bond maturing Aug. 1, 2028, with a 3.79% gross yield - the highest since February - versus 3.77% last month when it sold a note due on April 1, 2028.

It placed 2.5 billion euros of a 10-year BTP maturing Nov. 1, 2033, at a 4.32% gross yield - a two-month low - compared with 4.42% in April.

Rome also allotted 2 billion euros of a 10-yr BTP due May 1, 2033, fetching a 4.24% gross yield, and 1.5 billion euros of a CCTeu bond maturing Oct. 15, 2028, with a 4.38% yield. ($1 = 0.9084 euros) (Reporting by Sara Rossi, editing by Gavin Jones)