Germany's Free Democrats (FDP) have an objective to double potential growth in Europe's biggest economy, German Finance Minister and party head Christian Lindner said on Tuesday.

"That must be the first step," Lindner said at an economic congress of the FDP. "From 0.5% back to 1.0%, where we once were before the coronavirus."

Lindner said this can be achieved with the help of good framework conditions set by politicians.

"But these framework conditions must of course be created by the economy, by employees, by entrepreneurs, and that is why it is so important to talk to them," Lindner said.

He mentioned two laws recently passed by the German government as first steps in Germany's much-needed "economic transformation": the Financing for the Future Act promoting start-ups and improving access to capital markets, and the Growth Opportunities Act, a tax relief package for small and medium-sized companies.

"I am in favour of extending the write-offs from the Growth Opportunities Act, which are now dated 2024, until 2029," Lindner said.

He said the last corporate tax reform in Germany dated back to 2008. "That is why we need to take steps beyond the Growth Opportunities Act," Lindner said. (Reporting by Maria Martinez Editing by Madeline Chambers and Friederike Heine)