BRUSSELS - EU countries largely agreed on a compromise proposal presented by Spain on new vehicle emissions rules, diplomatic sources said on Friday, that is a watered down version of the initial European Commission pitch.

The European Union has been progressively tightening road vehicle emission limits since the first set of regulations, known as "Euro 1", in 1992. The Commission proposed the latest set of rules, "Euro 7", in November last year, introducing new standards on particle emissions from brakes and tyres.

A group of eight member states have been pushing for weaker rules over concerns that new limits on pollutants such as nitrous oxides in combustion engines would divert efforts away from investment in electric vehicles.

Sales of new CO2-emitting cars are due to be banned in 2035 in the EU. In the new Friday compromise, the main change was a further extension of the implementation date to 30 months from 24 months for cars after the regulation enters into force.

Final details on the compromise still need to be approved at an EU ministerial meeting on Monday before a final position is ready to be debated with parliament and the Commission.

(Reporting by Julia Payne; Editing by Kirsten Donovan)