• Upbeat Outlook in the KSA: 71% of Consumers Confident About the Future Surpassing the Global Average of 43%

Optimistic Outlook in the KSA

The latest Toluna Global Consumer Barometer offers a comprehensive view of consumer behavior in the KSA, revealing that a noteworthy 71% of consumers are optimistic about the future, outpacing the global average of 43%. The study, which included 19 markets across the globe, provides valuable insights into the preferences and behaviors of consumers in the KSA compared to their global counterparts.

Current Life Satisfaction and Financial Concerns

The study showed that 64% of KSA residents reported higher satisfaction with their current life and greater optimism about their future, compared to the global average of 45%, however, one-fourth of the residents (25%) expressed concerns over personal financial security due to current global and economic circumstances.

Proactive Financial Planning for Economic Uncertainties

When it comes to financial planning, KSA residents are proactively taking steps to navigate economic uncertainties. Specifically, 29% plan to cut back on spending on books and magazines, recognizing the abundance of online resources. Similarly, 28% intend to reduce luxury product or service expenses, while 24% will trim their entertainment and subscription budgets. Additionally, 22% are opting to dine out less, 22% will cut back on leisure activities and hobbies, 19% plan to spend less on vacation holidays, and 20% will refrain from buying new cars.

Guiding Grocery Shopping Behavior in the KSA

Looking ahead, the study also sheds light on expected grocery shopping behavior in the next three months. For KSA consumers, the price emerges as a key choice driver, followed by health, product availability, and quality. Additionally, 45% of KSA shoppers plan to reduce unnecessary purchases, and 39% will compare prices online and offline. Other strategies include shopping more often to avoid waste and get the best deals (31%), visiting more stores in search of value (28%), shopping less often but in bulk (30%), switching to cheaper brands (26%), and changing the number of snacks purchased (28%).

Impact of Energy Crisis and Inflation on Spending Plans

Moreover, a significant 66% of KSA consumers stated that the energy crisis and inflation have impacted their current spending plans. Inflation emerged as a prominent concern among consumers. Worries regarding global market instability and housing/rental prices were also expressed, with 50% highlighting the rising cost of living, 46% concerned about the instability of global/financial markets, and 48% noting house prices/values as a significant factor. Additionally, 45% of consumers are focusing on saving more money due to economic uncertainty.

"Together, these findings reflect the current economic sentiment and consumer behavior in the KSA which we have been mapping out in successive waves of our Barometer." said Georges Akkaoui, Enterprise Account Director & Office Leader MEA at Toluna, “Amidst some positive signals, it's evident that consumers are seeking value and reliability with their choices. Brands that prioritize quality, affordability, and sustainability will resonate most with today's savvy shoppers, guiding them towards a future of satisfaction and trust; yet it's crucial to acknowledge the genuine concerns surrounding financial security and the impact of global economic factors on spending patterns."

Anticipated Spending Behavior in the Next Quarter

Furthermore, the study outlines anticipated spending behavior in this quarter. Notably, 26% plan to allocate slightly more towards groceries, 19% towards mobile phones, 26% towards vitamins and minerals, 23% towards food takeaway, 19% towards sports and fitness, 18% towards life insurance, private health insurance (19%), and gaming (15%).


Note: The link below offers a comprehensive report and overview of the findings of the Barometer, Wave 23: https://bit.ly/46mK2p3

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