Adoption of crypto in the mainstream is now becoming more crucial as Web3.0 has engulfed the globe and masses are curious as to how the new era will evolve.

Bernhard Lamp and Arkadiusz Balcerek, founders of AnchorFinance have made it their motto ‘Crypto for everyone’ that reflects in the products they have launched. Currently the firm is gearing up to receive their second license from Abu Dhabi Global Market.

From cryptographic native ANCHOR token to Metaverse, AnchorFinance plans to cover it all in the coming years. “When we — Bernhard Lamp and Arkadiusz Balcerek — met in early 2021, coming from two different backgrounds of crypto and traditional economy, we realised that there was no solution that would properly address a gap between the traditional finance and the crypto space. Knowing already that the economy is approaching turbulent times, we were thinking about taking the best from both economies to build an ecosystem which would help Investors and community members to persist in this difficult period. This is how the name ANCHOR came up. Like on the waved sea, an anchor gives a sense of safety and balance, ANCHOR will allow you the similar perception in the crypto space by using a complete set of the products from the ANCHOR ecosystem,” Lamp told Khaleej Times in an exclusive interview.

AnchorFinance has obtained in Europe the financial license for ‘fiat to crypto’ transactions. Similar financial licenses for the Middle East / Asia and USA are in progress.

AnchorFinance will soon launch its flagship product, AnchorLink wallet. AnchorLink will allow access to all the products of the AnchorFinance ecosystem, like AnchorSwap or AnchorExchange. It will serve as a gateway between crypto assets, fiat currencies, payment cards, passive income products, NFT, GameFi and Metaverse. All in one, easy to use and cross-chain mobile application on iOS and Android. "All in one financial solution to enter the crypto space in an easy and secure (your private key - your coins) way. We will offer in a single application all the major services of the crypto and traditional finance economies, without the need of switching between different applications anymore. Our outstanding decentralised technology will make it possible for the users to profit from all the functionalities of a centralised system, keeping at the same time full control over their assets” said Balcerek.

Referring to NFT, ANCHOR co-founders shared that NAFT — one of the AnchorFinance suite of products — will offer unique categories tailored to healthy customers. From artworks to luxury cars, yachts and even real estate, users will be able to buy and sell almost anything they wish using NFT technology and NAFTO, a native token allowing interoperability between NFT, DeFi, GameFI and Metaverse.

“Trust is a fundamental value to build long term relationships with our employees and business partners. Long term vision with well defined three-year and five-year objectives and paths to achieve them are our keys for success. Innovation as a base for our development, opening into international and multicultural aspects, equal chance for every team member, regardless of the background are the DNA of our business,” said Lamp.

“AnchorFInance is looking forward to making long-term and successful partnerships in the GCC Region. AnchorFinance already has an office in DMCC, the Jumeirah Lake Towers district of Dubai and the next will be in Abu Dhabi, where AnchorFinance has applied for an ADGM license. It is important for AnchorFinance, especially in the crypto sector, to have a physical presence in the region to profit from its most promising financial and crypto hub" said Balcerek.

AnchorFinance is a fully decentralised project which shares part of the profits with its community members, product users and business partners. AnchorFinance is a self-funded, long-term project focused on solving the problems of the traditional economy and not on the quick profits on costs of others. "We believe that long-term vision and trust with our business partners are the only ways to be successful,” said Lamp.

AnchorFinance is on its way to make one of the most complete ecosystems in the crypto space, with loyal users and almost endless options and solutions in one place. “We have almost finished the whole suite of our products without any external funds. We have established legal entities in Europe, Middle East and USA and we have license for several financial activities to support our growth.The ADGM license will solidify our presence in the Middle East,” concluded Balcerek.

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