A recent government report has recommended several measures to further enhance happiness in Kuwait in the coming years, despite the country’s already impressive performance on the World Happiness Index, where it ranked first among Arab and Gulf countries in 2024, reports Al-Qabas daily. Outlined by the National Observatory for Sustainable Development and Future Foresight, affiliated with Planning, these measures include:
■ Supporting cultural, entertainment, sports, and tourism activities to stimulate job creation, diversify the economy, boost Kuwait’s global standing, and improve citizens’ standard of living.
■ Promoting accountability and transparency across all sectors.
■ Prioritizing government spending to reduce inequalities and create fair job opportunities.
■ Ensuring universal access to public services.
■ Developing sustainable financing strategies for the health and education sectors.
■ Updating educational curricula to align with labor market needs.
■ Enhancing training and professional development to bolster workforce capabilities.
■ Implementing performance indicators to monitor and improve government service quality.
■ Enacting laws to address demographic imbalances and enhance social and economic stability.
■ Strengthening the rule of law, integrity, and judicial systems to combat corruption and promote social trust. The World Happiness Index 2024, issued by the United Nations, ranks countries based on factors like social support, income, health, freedom, generosity, and absence of corruption.

Kuwait ranked 13th globally and first in the Arab world. Key components influencing Kuwait’s ranking include:
■ 9th globally in freedom to make life decisions.
■ 17th globally in per capita GDP.
■ 41st globally in social support.
■ 32nd globally in healthy life expectancy.
■ 33rd globally in generosity.
■ 46th globally in absence of corruption.

These findings highlight Kuwait’s overall high level of well-being and the need to continue efforts to sustain and enhance citizen happiness.

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