Qatar is now home to the first Pierre Marcolini salon, located in Doha Oasis’ department store Printemps Doha.

The much-anticipated launch took place recently and opened to an enthusiastic crowd who came to meet the world-renowned chocolatier, named Best Pastry Chef in the World, Pierre Marcolini himself, who was on hand to share his brand’s one-of-a-kind philosophy on chocolate making.

This remarkable establishment marks the very first time that Pierre Marcolini has unveiled a chocolate atelier anywhere in the world.

Adorned in a warm and inviting setting, characterized by soothing dusk pink hues, the Pierre Marcolini salon is strategically positioned opposite the Women's fashion section, making it the perfect post-shopping haven for patrons to unwind, indulge their sweet cravings, or partake in a chocolate masterclass.

"It's a flagship store, a vast and exquisitely designed space. In the Middle East, we already have a presence in Dubai's Emirates Mall and Dubai Mall, with plans for expansion in Saudi Arabia. As for the Printemps Doha store, visitors can first and foremost relax. They can savor top-quality cuisine and service, explore diverse chocolate offerings, and satisfy their sweet tooth. The people of Qatar have a penchant for exclusivity and premium products.

Furthermore, they can place orders for their favourite products tailored to special occasions like Eid, weddings, and Ramadan. We cater to bespoke requests based on our customers' preferences," Marcolini said.

A dedicated 'craft' ice cream counter beckons customers to enjoy a refreshing treat, and for the very first time, guests can witness pastry chefs in action as they prepare freshly crafted chocolates and confections, as well as personalized orders at the Pierre Marcolini chocolate atelier. In addition to exclusive pyramid-shaped, multi-drawer gift boxes, the salon showcases Pierre Marcolini's signature collection of Grand Crus tablets, delectable pralines, delightful macarons, mouthwatering chocolate hearts, and exquisite pastries.

Truly distinctive

Pierre Marcolini's personal artistry permeates every aspect, from the elegant packaging to the selection of premium ingredients, which are sure to captivate the hearts—and taste buds—of customers. For those seeking something truly distinctive, both individual customers and corporate clients can place customized orders, including tailor-made gift boxes, personalized sleeves, and assortments tailored to specific requirements.

Exceptional flavour experiences are at the core of Marcolini's reputation, not only for his chocolates but also for his ethical principles. He directly sources premium cocoa from independent producers in Cuba, Indonesia, India, Sao Tomé & Principe, Madagascar, Peru, Venezuela, and China.

"I've always been deeply passionate about chocolate, and that passion has remained unwavering. When I opened my first store in 1995, it was a modest 60-square-meter space. In two years, we'll be celebrating our 30th anniversary. Looking back over these three decades, I'm motivated by what my brand has achieved. We currently have 50 stores worldwide, which is a testament to my goals and aspirations for the future," Marcolini shared.

"My concept revolves around 'Bean to Bar.' To comprehend this, one must understand the essence of cacao—the plant that yields the seeds used to create cocoa and chocolate. These seeds are commonly referred to as cocoa beans. I personally source premium cocoa directly from independent producers in various regions, including Cuba, Indonesia, India, Sao Tomé & Principe, Madagascar, Peru, Venezuela, and China. For instance, Hainan, China's tropical island province, is celebrated as one of the most esteemed origins for chocolate. It's been reported that Chinese scientists have developed a new cacao variety in Hainan," Marcolini explained.

Marcolini firmly believes that chocolate serves as a bridge, connecting diverse people and their cultures. Every chocolate crafted by Pierre Marcolini possesses its own distinct personality. Each one must offer innovative, fresh flavours while maintaining a sense of "lightness" to entice connoisseurs before astonishing them with a completely unique taste experience. Yet, there is more to it—they must always convey a sense of emotion.

"For me, what makes chocolate truly exceptional is that it delivers universal pleasure. It evokes the same emotions, regardless of one's location, age, or local culture. It works its magic universally, not unlike classical music," Marcolini concluded.



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