Oman - The aim of Future Fund Oman is to diversity sources of national income. It will increase investments, motivating investors, and help find a strategic partner that supports their investments and projects. The entry of the Future Fund Oman into any investment confirms the project’s feasibility, importance, and sustainability.

The fund has a capital of RO 2 billion to be used over a five-year period at RO 400 million per year. It will allocate 90 per cent of its capital to new or existing projects. Of the remaining 10 per cent, 7 per cent will be allocated to SMEs and 3 per cent to startups.

The fund will target eight sectors: tourism; industry and production; green energy; information and communications technology; ports and logistics services; mining; fisheries; and agriculture.

The funds will be available to all the people interested in the field, from RO5 million to RO 100 million.This is something that we do not find in any country in the world that provides financing with such unprecedented generosity within the framework of an organised and thoughtful economic framework.

There are a number of banks and funds that stand ready to finance desirous investors like Oman Development Bank, the Inma Fund, the Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises, Rakiza Fund, and the Oman Technology Fund as well as other banks operating in the country.

Meanwhile, the Future Fund Oman is the largest fund to finance investment projects. Any feasible investment project, especially the economic sectors specified in Oman Vision 2040, are eligible for RO 400 million whether presented by government or private companies, foreign investors, or small and medium enterprises. The fact that the Fund will invest 40 per cent of the project will help enable investors to get the balance of the funds from Oman Development Bank, the Oman Technology Fund, Inma, or other financing institutions. Therefore, the investor shall not face any difficulty in financing the projects.

These steps would push them to move to seize these opportunities and not be dependent or wait for others to come and invest, especially since the Fund even finances existing projects that wish to expand.

The fund will be governed by the Oman Investment Authority with the best international practices to ensure efficiency and flexibility in order to achieve the financial and economic objectives desired. It will complement the system of financing and investment coverage provided by the government.

Funding will be made through direct financing at market cost or through capital partnerships with the private sector so that financing is distributed in a balanced manner and not focused on a specific sector.

The fund is aimed to stimulate growth of the national economy and to provide a reliable partner for local and international investors wishing to expand in the Omani economy or enter the Omani market.

The launch of the fund is in line with Royal directives to realise the objectives and mandates of OIA and drive its efforts further to develop the national economy and attract foreign investments.

It will help in further empowerment and integration of the private sector, supporting SMEs, and bolstering venture capital in the Sultanate of Oman.

Oman Future Fund is OIA’s third portfolio; the two existing portfolios are National Development Fund and Future Generations Fund.

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