• Women investors diversified their investments across key sectors including Real Estate, Technology and Healthcare

The United Arab Emirates has witnessed an extraordinary transformation in the landscape of women investors, marking a new era of financial empowerment and strategic acumen. As of July 2023, recent data from the Dubai Land Department (DLD) shows that women investment in real estate has contributed to over AED 58.8 billion to the sector. A recent government report also stated that women currently own 30% of the property in Dubai, signifying a substantial economic contribution and a testament to their growing influence on the nation's financial landscape.

Recent market data in the real estate sector indicates that the number of women investors surged by an impressive 51% in 2022 compared to the preceding year, 2021, underlining a significant trend of escalating financial independence. This trend is projected to gain further momentum throughout 2023, with market projections indicating that this metric is on track to exceed 50% YoY expectations by the year's end.

The remarkable growth in women's investment portfolios is not only defined by its magnitude but also by its diversity. Women investors are strategically diversifying their investments across various asset classes, including stocks, bonds, real estate, and alternative investments.

Women investors are making deliberate choices across key sectors, reflecting both their financial aspirations and socio-economic outlook. The real estate sector remains a significant cornerstone, accounting for 40% of women's investments. Technology has also emerged as a prominent sector, with a substantial 30% share of investments and Healthcare, constituting 20% of investments. The remaining 10% is distributed across diverse sectors, exemplifying the multifaceted nature of women's investment interests.

“The steadfast growth in women's investments stands as a testament to their increasing financial literacy, strategic prowess, and role as formidable contributors to the UAE's economic development. The distribution of women investors' portfolios, with its focus on real estate, technology, healthcare, and other sectors, showcases a meticulous approach to diversification and aligning investments with their values.” said Rachit Pant, CEO & Board Member, Hedge & Sachs, “The Hedge and Sachs Invest'HER' initiative, which focuses on mentoring and educating women on investment opportunities, has garnered attention and engagement since its launch. An impressive increase of nearly 25-30% in inquiries related to Invest'HER' highlights the keen interest women are showing in investment and the resonance of this tailor-made financial solution.”

The surge in women's investment in the UAE is not just a statistic; it's a narrative of empowerment and progression, with women playing a vital role in shaping the nation's economic trajectory.


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