Created by Keith Jordan, former US Department of Defence professional, Personal Safety and Empowerment Academy (PSEA) is the first institute that integrates, across its programs, training techniques taught to Federal Officers in order to empower them both physically and mentally/ emotionally.

With more than 20 years of experience in Federal Law Enforcement, Keith Jordan, who has a passion for training and empowering individuals, launched Personal Safety and Empowerment Academy (PSEA), the only UAE-based academy that uses Federal Law Enforcement training techniques in both academic and corporate training programs.

Having previously worked as a Hostage Negotiator, Personal Safety Expert, SWAT Trainer, in addition to various other related roles, Keith initially came to the UAE all the way from the US to train the local military base. He then decided to broaden the scope of his programs to empower students and adults across the different stages of their lives.

Keith Jordan: “My passion for training and for empowering individuals is the driving force that inspired me to create PSEA. My goal is to reach as many individuals as possible in order to equip them with the lasting knowledge and the proven techniques to feel confident and strong in addition to effectively respond to the most common forms of threats”.

The PSEA training programs strongly focus on practical modules by incorporating real-life scenario-based training where individuals can train and strengthen their mindset whilst acquiring advanced physical self-defence techniques.

Schools in the UAE have taken a particular interest in PSEA as a way to enrich their curriculum with practical know-how and skills. Programs are tailored to meet the needs and concerns of students across age groups starting from the age of 6.

Keith Jordan: “We have received so far an overwhelmingly positive feedback from educators, parents and students as personal safety is an important topic to be educated about starting from an early age. Through conversation-based learning and practical training, we aim to provide students with the knowledge and skills in an area that is often disregarded and to accordingly prepare them to confidently be ready for the milestones ahead of them and/or respond to the most common threats”.

Apart from training students and parents, PSEA also offer corporate team building activities combining corporate best practice with Federal Law Enforcement techniques. The programs include a leadership program with six fundamental development areas backed by in-depth expert insights, concrete examples, group exercises as well as Federal Law Enforcement scenarios. PSEA has also made available to corporations its full accredited personal safety and business travel courses.

Keith Jordan: “We are very excited to contribute to the UAE’s vision in creating a happy and effective framework for students, corporations and beyond and we will continue to offer our training programs as well as regularly sharing tips and insights across our social media channels”.