Sustainability has taken center stage in the UAE's vision and commitments, especially as we enter the Year of Sustainability and prepare to host COP28 in Dubai. The entrepreneurial landscape in the UAE has witnessed a surge in efforts to find sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. From door-to-door composting services to eco-friendly products and natural cleaning solutions, these initiatives are gradually making their way into UAE homes, supermarkets, and workplaces.

One exemplary supporter of this thriving sustainable ecosystem is Advanced Media Trading (AMT), the leading distributor of professional broadcast, photo, video, and broadcast equipment and accessories in the MENA region. AMT's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department, established two years ago, has a clear mandate to give back to society, forge enduring partnerships, and set an example for small and medium enterprises in pursuit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This commitment aligns with the UAE's dedication to sustainability and tolerance.

Since its inception, the CSR department has entered partnerships with various sustainable waste management firms, eliminated plastic bags and bottles from its premises, severed ties with logistics and procurement entities lacking robust CSR policies, and facilitated AMT's participation in the UAE Alliance for Climate Action (UACA) as the first and only SME.

Inspired by the remarkable stories of these entrepreneurs, AMT has joined forces with Impact Talk with Nadine Zidani to present a special podcast series titled "UAE Stories of Purpose & Entrepreneurship." This engaging podcast series explores the impactful journeys of five remarkable women entrepreneurs in the UAE, introducing listeners to innovative and practical ways to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, from eco-friendly products to composting.

The Impact Talk special series, "UAE Stories of Purpose & Entrepreneurship," offers a unique perspective on the collective role women entrepreneurs have played in combating climate change. It invites listeners to realize the importance of inclusivity and innovation on a global scale when addressing the pressing issues that affect our world today.

"UAE Stories of Purpose & Entrepreneurship" was initiated during a conversation between Nadine Zidani, a sustainability and climate activist, and Parnian Farnam, the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at AMT. Parnian Farnam expressed her surprise and admiration at the fact that nearly all their partner companies were UAE-based and led by women. She stressed the importance of highlighting these women's entrepreneurial spirit in addition to their outstanding initiatives. Nadine added, "Purpose-driven entrepreneurs have incredible transformation stories to share with the world. They are motivated by a profound sense of responsibility and a desire to contribute to building a more sustainable world."

Nadine Zidani, the founder of Mena Impact, a sustainability solution hub with a mission to create an impact ecosystem in the region, initiated her podcast, Impact Talk with Nadine Zidani, to provide a platform for remarkable individuals striving to make a positive impact and share their inspiring stories.

The Impact Talk special series, "UAE Stories of Purpose & Entrepreneurship," with Nadine Zidani, in collaboration with Advanced Media, is available on YouTube and all major podcast platforms (Impact Talk with Nadine Zidani).