Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai's culinary scene is about to get a Mediterranean makeover with the grand opening of Elia, a unique and delightful dining experience inspired by the soils and seas of Greece, Italy, and France.

Elia, which translates to "Olive" in Greek, is nestled on the ground floor of Al Wasl's Galleria Mall. The venue provides indoor and outdoor seating options, creating a modern venue with a cosy ambiance perfect for intimate lunches or dinners.

Within the restaurant's interior, a captivating fusion of Mediterranean landscapes unfolds. Plush seating, adorned with earthy colour schemes of olive and terracotta, creates an inviting atmosphere. The ambiance is bathed in warm light emanating from refined rattan pendant lamps, while bright chilis and purple onions hang suspended above the open kitchen counter. Giant hand-painted wall murals, showcasing vibrant depictions of fresh lemons and olives, pay homage to the culinary tapestry of the region. The murals are paired with the presence of fruit trees, creating a dining experience that resonates with the essence of Mediterranean authenticity.

The menu is a testament to the restaurant's commitment to authentic coastal flavours and simple, fresh ingredients, showcasing a delightful array of snacks, meze, hot and cold tapas, pizzettas, pastas, as well as an enticing selection of seafood and meat dishes. To kick off the dining experience, diners can savour appetisers such as the Smoked Aubergine Dip – a velvety fusion topped with croutons, soft egg and wafer. Additionally, there's the delectable Spicy Melon Salad, adorned with feta, basil and hazelnuts.

For the main course, patrons can relish the Chef's signature Cepe Mushroom Risotto, accompanied by parsley-buttered escargots and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Opt for premium meat selections, such as the exceptional Black Angus Rib Eye – a juicy 300g ribeye steak complemented by onion puree and chimichurri. For those who crave a truly authentic Mediterranean experience, Elia offers a unique take on the classic Moussaka, served with Spanish Manchego cheese and designed for sharing among two or more diners.

To finish off on a sweet note, diners can enjoy homemade delicacies ranging from made-to-order Madeleines served with Chantilly cream to Greek-style choux doughnuts with rosemary and lemon cream, as well as comforting classics of Baked Vanilla Cheesecake with a sour cherry and raspberry purée, and Classic Crème Brulée, meant to share with loved ones.

Elia's indulgent menu is crafted by Executive Chef and Partner Rory Duncan, ex-Head Chef of ten years of La Petite Maison. He expressed his excitement, commenting, "At Elia, we promise modern cuisine that enchants the senses and leads diners on a culinary journey. Inspired by a deep connection to the lifestyle, culture, and cuisine of coastal Mediterranean regions, our menu is centered on the use of fresh, premium-quality ingredients."

Experience the magic at Elia, where every dish invites you on a journey to the heart of the Mediterranean. Discover the rich flavours and vibrant traditions that define the essence of these iconic culinary landscapes. For reservations, or for more information, please call +971559959579

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About Elia

Elia, meaning "Olive Tree" in Greek, is a modern Mediterranean restaurant located in the heart of Al Wasl, Dubai. Inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Greece, Italy, and France, Elia offers an immersive dining experience that pays homage to the Mediterranean soil and seas. With a charming interior, a diverse menu featuring authentic Mediterranean dishes, and a commitment to quality, Elia is set to become a cherished destination for food enthusiasts in Dubai.

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