Canada, Montreal – In a strategic move to bolster innovation and strengthen ties between North America and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, DeepMinds™, a DeepTech focused venture studio and capital, is delighted to announce the opening of its branch office in Canada. This initiative aims to invest in promising deeptech R&D projects and streamline them for swift and effective implementation in the MENA region.

At the helm of this move is Mohand Amroun, a founding partner of DeepMinds™, whose expertise in DeepTech, R&D and extensive network within the academic and business communities positions him uniquely to lead operations in the North America region. Mr. Amroun’s deep connections with universities will play a crucial role in ensuring sourcing promising R&D projects and accelerating their commercialization and launch.

“Canada’s advanced research base is a treasure trove of innovation, brimming with brilliant minds and cutting-edge scientific research. By establishing our presence here, we are tapping into a wealth of knowledge and resources that are pivotal for creating a robust cross border ecosystem to streamline opportunities between Canada and the MENA region,” said Mohand Amroun.

Amine Staali, the founder & CEO of DeepMinds™, also expressed his enthusiasm for this new chapter, stating, “The collaboration between our rich innovation landscape in Canada and the burgeoning opportunities in the MENA region is a game-changer. We are setting the stage for a seamless exchange of ideas, resources, and technologies that will undoubtedly drive progress and prosperity across borders.”

The Canadian office marks a significant milestone for DeepMinds™, as it underscores the firm’s commitment to fostering innovation, building international partnerships, and facilitating the global exchange of knowledge and technology. The strategic location of the new office will serve as a conduit for innovative projects, facilitating smoother transition and implementation in the MENA region, ultimately contributing to the region's technological and economic advancement.


About DeepMinds™

DeepMinds™ is a decentralized venture studio specialized in creating, assembling and scaling the deeptech ventures that will elevate the MENA economy and facilitate global advances across strategic sectors. We curate a thriving "Cluster Ecosystem" with a core focus on tech transfer and localization, unifying resources to define and develop the technologies of tomorrow.

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