ABU DHABI - Six Singapore companies have been matched with Abu Dhabi entities to develop and pilot innovative solutions following the Abu Dhabi – Singapore Smart Cities Open Innovation Challenge, jointly organised by the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG) and IPI Singapore.

The announcement was made during the 14th Abu Dhabi-Singapore Joint Forum (ADSJF) in Abu Dhabi.

The innovation challenge was launched in May 2021 to accelerate smart city development and foster wider collaboration between Abu Dhabi and Singapore. 89 submissions were received in response to six challenge statements from ADNOC, the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) and Masdar City. Based on their potential to solve smart city challenges in Abu Dhabi, six companies have been selected by the Abu Dhabi entities to co-innovate and develop targeted solutions.

Abdulla Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi, Acting Director-General of ADIO, said, “The Abu Dhabi – Singapore Smart Cities Open Innovation Challenge demonstrates the good that can come from like-minded parties uniting for a common cause. By matching innovations and ideas, we are advancing solutions that have the potential to transform smart city development globally. The success of the innovation call will pave the way for future innovation-related collaborations between Abu Dhabi and Singapore, as we strengthen linkages that enable companies in both cities to tap into wider regional markets.”

The selected companies will receive support from both ADIO and EnterpriseSG as they collaborate with ADNOC, DMT and Masdar City to bring their smart city solutions to life in Abu Dhabi.

Eligible companies will be able to tap an EnterpriseSG grant to pilot their solutions while ADIO will offer end-to-end support during the business setup phase of their investor journeys and help to facilitate connections to entities across the Abu Dhabi ecosystem to access investment opportunities.

Tan Soon Kim, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of EnterpriseSG, stated, “Singapore companies can offer relevant expertise and innovative technology to address some of the urban challenges that Abu Dhabi faces. By partnering established Abu Dhabi entities to co-innovate and test their ideas, they can validate their solutions and quicken the process of smart city development to benefit the larger population. We hope that the successful matching of companies will set the stage to facilitate further economic collaboration and deepen linkages between Abu Dhabi and Singapore.”

Wong Lup Wai, Chief Executive Officer of IPI, added, “We are excited to see Singapore companies accelerate the growth of their business through their collaborative efforts with Abu Dhabi entities to develop a smart, sustainable city. We look forward to seeing these pilot projects further promote synergy through the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the parties and potentially contribute towards enhancing the quality of life of the citizens in the emirate.”

Through the innovation call, Abu Dhabi and Singapore aim to accelerate smart city development to sustainably improve quality of life, operational efficiency and competitiveness. The innovation call will increase collaboration, connect innovation ecosystems and promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise between Abu Dhabi and Singapore.

Matching innovative ideas with the right partners

HY M&E Consultancy Services and Cutech Green Ventures, in collaboration with Teesside University and TWI Global Technology Centre, have been selected to collaborate with ADNOC on increasing the energy efficiency of Al Dannah City buildings.

Graymatics has been selected by ADNOC to work on a project that improves security, citizen productivity, municipal operational efficiency leveraging powerful Video AI with the many installed CCTV within Al Dannah City.

BIODSG has been selected to work with DMT on transforming street lighting for public engagement, such as street lighting or data collection.

Daily Life Renewable Energy will work with DMT to implement renewable and sustainable energy sources for facilities that require electric power supply in public recreation areas.

MDesign Solutions Pte Ltd will work with Masdar City to enhance comfort outdoors through a cost-effective and self-contained solution utilising heat management technology and design.

The pilot projects are expected to be completed in 2024 with the potential for city-wide implementation in Abu Dhabi.