ABU DHABI – Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, an M42 company, is expanding its research efforts to address community health issues in the UAE. The hospital has over 200 active research studies, and 60 of these were initiated in 2022. The studies focus on a variety of critical topics, including digestive diseases, neurological disorders, and heart disease.

In line with the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi’s drive to improve the overall healthcare of the UAE’s population, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is leveraging its research to advance treatment options in the UAE and the GCC region. The hospital is currently conducting three studies on liver health, breast cancer, and obesity. These studies are dedicated to the Emirati population and use a genome-based approach.

Genome-based research allows for the comparison and validation of findings, which can accelerate the development of new treatments and personalized healthcare options for these medical conditions. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi urges the public to ensure the success of these endeavors by registering as participants in future clinical trials.

Dr. Sawsan Abdel-Razig, Chief Academic Officer at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, said, “Our mission at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is to deliver world-class care to the UAE community and wider region. Together with our multidisciplinary team, our research department is collaborating with universities and other strategic partners to advance healthcare in the community. Through our wider education and research efforts, we are investing in the next generation of clinical caregivers and healthcare leaders to develop new treatments, advanced diagnostics, and preventive care options that will benefit the UAE population for years to come.”

The first of the three studies is taking place in collaboration with Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, another an M42 Company, and is the first prospective metabolic study on the Emirati population, that looks at obesity, diabetes, and fatty liver disease. In collaboration with Khalifa University, the second study explores obesity and bariatric surgery and is the first genetic study on metabolic disease.

Finally, a pilot study focusing on breast cancer health awareness among Emirati women aims to determine the disease pattern within the local population and drive awareness around the need for regular mammography screening.

All three studies aim to enhance medical care in the UAE and have been made possible by the involvement of numerous research participants. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s research projects and studies comply with rigorous guidelines set out by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi. Participants in these research projects are treated according to the highest safety standards and with the strictest confidentiality protections in place.



Ahlam Almazrooi/ Muhammad Aamir