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StockCountrySectorLast% ChangeDiv YieldPE
HSBC Bank Oman S.A.O.G. OmanFinancial Services----
Muscat Insurance Company SAOG OmanFinancial Services----
BILAD INVESTMENTJordanFinancial Services1.05 JOD0.00% 0.00% 45.65
CENTURY INV. GRPJordanFinancial Services2.41 JOD-0.41% 4.329% 0.0
TAKAFUL HOUSE UAEFinancial Services0.60 AED1.01% 0.00% 32.64
National Finance Company SAOG OmanFinancial Services----
CITADEL CAPITALEgyptFinancial Services2.39 EGP-0.83% 0.00% 6.533
Societe de Placement et de Developpement Industriel et Touristique TunisiaFinancial Services----
B.L.C. Bank S.A.L. LebanonFinancial Services----
Banque BEMO S.A.L. LebanonFinancial Services----
The Securities House K.S.C.P. KuwaitFinancial Services----
Qatar International Islamic Bank (Q.S.C.) QatarFinancial Services----
Arzan Financial Group for Financing and Investment - KPSC KuwaitFinancial Services----
EGYPTIAN GULF BKEgyptFinancial Services0.543 USD-1.273% 0.00% 5.653
DB ISL INS&REINSUAEFinancial Services0.433 AED-0.46% 0.00% 49.43
IncoLEASEEgyptFinancial Services36.98 EGP0.00% 6.084% 6.996
MED & GULF INS JordanFinancial Services0.94 JOD0.00% 0.00% 20.13
Sharjah Insurance Company P.S.C. UAEFinancial Services----
Banque de Tunisie et des Emirats S.A. TunisiaFinancial Services----
UNION BANK JordanFinancial Services1.62 JOD0.00% 8.642% 7.62
Union Internationale de Banques TunisiaFinancial Services----
Kuwait Financial Centre K.P.S.C. KuwaitFinancial Services----
Senergy Holding Company K.S.C.P. KuwaitFinancial Services----
Umm Al Qaiwain General Investments Company P.S.C. UAEFinancial Services----
Societe Tunisienne d'Investissement - SICAR TunisiaFinancial Services----
GRAND INVESTMENTEgyptFinancial Services4.19 EGP0.00% 0.00% 0.0
Wafa Assurance MoroccoFinancial Services----
Kuwait Insurance Company S.A.K.P. KuwaitFinancial Services----
JOR TRADE FAC JordanFinancial Services0.85 JOD0.00% 8.984% 5.15
PHILADELPHIA INSJordanFinancial Services0.62 JOD0.00% 0.00% 0.0
EMIRATES NBD UAEFinancial Services13.15 AED0.00% 3.042% 6.16
SAFWA ISLAMIC BKJordanFinancial Services1.33 JOD0.00% 5.263% 15.18
Maghrebail SA MoroccoFinancial Services----
A'ayan Leasing and Investment Company K.S.C.P. KuwaitFinancial Services----
United Finance Company SAOG OmanFinancial Services----
KAMCO Investment Company K.S.C.P. KuwaitFinancial Services----
UN FOR FINCL INVJordanFinancial Services0.50 JOD0.00% 12.50% 21.93
SUEZ CANAL BANKEgyptFinancial Services6.81 EGP0.295% 0.00% 3.047
JORDAN INSURANCEJordanFinancial Services2.73 JOD0.00% 3.352% 65.63
JOR INV TRUST JordanFinancial Services0.60 JOD3.44% 0.00% 0.0
JOR FRENCH INS JordanFinancial Services0.71 JOD0.00% 0.00% 5.48
JORDAN EXPAT.INVJordanFinancial Services0.53 JOD0.00% 10.491% 71.62
The Saudi Investment Bank Saudi ArabiaFinancial Services----
Gulf Insurance Group K.S.C.P. KuwaitFinancial Services----
Al Imtiaz Investment Group Company (K.S.C.P) KuwaitFinancial Services----
Warba Insurance Company K.S.C KuwaitFinancial Services----
Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) P.Q.S.C. QatarFinancial Services----
AMLAK FINANCE UAEFinancial Services0.583 AED0.52% 0.00% 0.0