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StockCountrySectorLast% ChangeDiv YieldPE
WIDAM FOOD COQatarFood and Beverages3.743 QAR0.00% 2.672% 0.0
ISMAILIA FOOD INEgyptFood and Beverages32.00 EGP0.00% 0.00% 0.0
GENERAL INVESTJordanFood and Beverages2.50 JOD0.00% 4.80% 13.51
JOR IND. RES.JordanFood and Beverages0.66 JOD0.00% 0.00% 0.0
ALEX MILLSEgyptFood and Beverages10.64 EGP0.00% 1.786% 17.625
OM FISHERIES COOmanFood and Beverages0.057 OMR-3.39% 0.00% 0.0
Lesieur Cristal S.A. MoroccoFood and Beverages----
MID EG FLR MILLSEgyptFood and Beverages33.00 EGP0.00% 9.356% 4.621
EAST DELTA MILLSEgyptFood and Beverages100.00 EGP0.00% 10.656% 4.626
Compagnie Sucrerie Marocaine et de Raffinage S.A. MoroccoFood and Beverages----