Guinea SMB Winning Boke Bauxite Project - Details on ZAWYA UAE Edition
added on: 11 June 2019

Guinea SMB Winning Boke Bauxite Project



The project is located in located in Katoukuma port, Boke, Guinea. It is a result responding to the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative by taking the lead in building a bauxite mining project in Guinea This mining project is ground-breaking in the cooperation between Guinea and China, and set a good sample for other foreign mine companies to develop in Guinea. SMB Winning Consortium, a consortium consisting of four international entities-- Chinese Wei Qiao Group, Singaporean Winning International Group, UMS Guinée SARL and the State of Guinea, is project owner. Specifically, the consortium established Boké Mining Company for mining bauxite in the Boké region and Winning Africa Port SA (WAP), which manages all of the river port terminal operations on the Rio Nunez for the shipping of bauxite. Singapore-based shipper, Winning International Group, leading the investors with a 45 per cent stake in Societe Miniere de Boke-Winning Africa Port (SMB-WAP), plans to export 30 million tonnes a year of bauxite ore from the new mine in Boke Province of Guinea in West Africa to China. The bauxite in 2015 was 1 million ton, 11.5 million ton in 2016, 31.5 million ton in 2017, 40 million in 2018. On January 19, 2015, the SMB obtained its research permit, leading for 6 months its Environmental and Social Impact Studies and presenting in June its feasibility study, obtaining on July 7, 2015 its export license. On July 20, 2015, the first ton of bauxite departed from the Katougouma river terminal, opening the door to our target of 15 million tons in 2016.
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Bauxite Processing Facility
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