Huangmao Hai Cross Sea Channel Project - Details on ZAWYA UAE Edition
added on: 17 July 2020

Huangmao Hai Cross Sea Channel Project

Also known as: Huangmao Sea Channel Bridge Project, Huangmao Hai Bridges Project


Department of Transportation of Guangdong Province planned to develop Huangmao Sea Cross Sea Channel Project in Guangdong, China. Guangdong Provincial Communication Group was the construction contractor who would build, operate, and manage the project. Guangdong Provincial Highway Construction Co Ltd was assigned by investors to establish a project management center to facilitate the project. Zhongjiao Highway Planning Design Institute Co Ltd, Guangdong Communication Planning & Design Institute Co Ltd, and Jiaoke Transport Consultants Ltd were the engineering survey and design contractors. The project covered the construction of a total land area of 1765.7 acres (7145534.385 sq.m), a total sea area of 78.9765 hectares, a total of 17 bridges with total length of 24430m, 2 tunnels with a total length of 2086 m, 4 interchanges, a management center, a service area, and a maintenance work area. This project was a dual six-lane structure about 31 kilometres (18.6 miles) long and 720 metres wide. It was designed with a speed of 100 kmph (62 mph). It would adopt a combination of Steel Box Girder and trio-tower and double-span bridge design. Upon completion, the project will contribute to the Belt& Road Initiative, the connectivity in the Greater Bay Area, the formation of the Guangdong expressway network, and the synergic development between Hengqin Free Trade Zone, Gaolan Port Economic Zone, and Jiangmen's Greater Guanghai Bay Economic Zone. The project, together with coastal expressways in the west will be key pathways that establish an economic belt in Jiangmen as well as in the whole western region of Guangdong. It would extend the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge and expand the benefits of economic growth from Greater Bay Area to the west and coastal areas. It would also provide travelers with more options and improve the logistics and public transport networks.
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