Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline Line D Project - Details on ZAWYA UAE Edition
added on: 10 January 2020

Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline Line D Project

Also known as: Turkmenistan–China Gas Pipeline Line D Project


Trans-Asia Gas Pipeline Co Ltd planned to develop Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline Line D Project, in from Galkynysh Gas Field, Yolotan, Mary Province, Turkmenistan to Ulugqat, Kizilsu Kyrgyz Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, China. The project covered the construction of 1,000 kilometer pipeline, 30,000,000,000 cubic meter per year gas 45 tunnels with 76 kilometer. The project would start from Turkmenistan’s gas fields to Chinese border through Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. In Tajikistan, the gas pipeline will run through Tursunzoda, Shahrinav, Hisor, Roudaki, Vahdat, Fayzobod, Nourobod, Rasht and Lakhsh (formerly Jirgatol) to Kyrgyzstan’s border. The project would promote the economic and social development of the countries along the route. During the construction and operation period, it would accumulate taxes of USD 3.1 billion, realize shareholder dividends of USD 5.4 billion, and create tens of thousands of job opportunities.
Facility Type
Pipeline - Transmission Line
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