West Bengal Major Irrigation & Flood Management Project - Details on ZAWYA UAE Edition
added on: 04 November 2019

West Bengal Major Irrigation & Flood Management Project



State Government of West Bengal plans to develop West Bengal Major Irrigation and Flood Management Project, in West Bengal, India. The project covered the construction of irrigation management, modernization of irrigation infrastructure, flood management and project management. The irrigation management would improve the management of the Damodar Valley Command Area (DVCA) irrigation scheme to improve service delivery, performance monitoring and irrigation efficiency evaluation, and strengthen institutions. The modernization of irrigation infrastructure would invest in the modernization of irrigation infrastructure at main, branch, distributary and minor canal levels. The flood management would invest in structural measures to reduce flooding in the project area and construction of fall-board shutters at three locations across the Mundeswari River and Amta channels, as well as the implementation of the recommendations of the Dam Safety Review Panel for the Durgapur Barrage. The project management would strengthen the implementation agency’s capacity for project management, including inter alia procurement and financial management, monitoring and evaluation; It would also support a communication campaign to inform stakeholders on the importance of water use efficiency. The project would improve irrigation service delivery, strengthen flood risk management and improve climate change resilience in the project area.
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