Indonesia Laterite Nickel Ore Wet Smelting Project - Details on ZAWYA UAE Edition
added on: 02 July 2020

Indonesia Laterite Nickel Ore Wet Smelting Project

Also known as: Indonesia Laterite Nickel Mine Wet Smelting Project


Huayue Nickel Cobalt Corp (Huayue) planned to develop Indonesia Laterite Nickel Ore Wet Smelting Project in Morowali, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Huayue was originally a joint venture of Huaqing Nickel & Cobalt Co Ltd (Huaqing) (58%), Tsing Creation International Holding Ltd (Tsing Creation) (20%), W-Source Holding Ltd (W-Source) (11%), Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park Corp (IMIP) (10%), and Long Sincere Holdings Ltd (Long Sincere) (1%). China National Chemical Engineering Sixth Construction Co Ltd was the construction contractor. CINF Engineering Corp Ltd and CISDI were consultants. The project covered the construction of a Laterite Nickel Mine Wet Smelting Facility that was expected to produce mixed nickel hydroxide cobalt of 60000 ton/year, and a tailings pond that could handle tail clay of 1317 multiply 104t/a. The project would help Indonesia to improve the capacity of producing battery raw materials. It also promoted cooperation between China and Indonesia in the Belt and Road Initiative.
Facility Type
Nickel Processing Facility
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