Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Program 1 Project - Details on ZAWYA UAE Edition
added on: 03 June 2020

Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Program 1 Project

Also known as: ATASP-1


Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development planned to develop Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Program 1 Project, in four Staple Crops Processing Zones, Nigeria. The project covered agricultural constructions with an area of 39560 hectares. TEC Engineering (Nigeria) Co Ltd and Transtech Engineering Corporation were two construction contractors for water conveyance canals. The project was expected to bring lots of positive environmental and social impacts, including reforestation and catchment management, sanitation facilities, conservation works and agro-forestry, organic fertilizer production, management of waste from agro-processing, improvement in livelihoods and local economies, employment opportunities, gender and Youth Inclusion, income to material/ equipment suppliers and contractors, food security and risk reduction, water supply infrastructures, improved access, and improved aesthetics and life of agricultural facilities.
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