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Top Performers

Fund NameAsset TypeNAVYTD Return*As Of
Oasis Crescent Global Property Equity E USD IncEquity7.538 USD130.873%31 Aug 2020
Oasis Crescent Global Equity E USD IncEquity31.157 USD76.527%31 Aug 2020
InterPac Dana SafiMixed Assets0.643 MYR65.397%31 Aug 2020
BIMB i FlexiMixed Assets0.305 MYR62.018%31 Aug 2020
Aurora Likuid SyariahMoney Market1575.682 IDR54.884%29 Feb 2020
BIMB i GrowthEquity0.435 MYR54.314%31 Aug 2020
PMB Shariah TNB EmployeesEquity0.389 MYR53.905%31 Aug 2020
PMB Shariah GrowthEquity1.683 MYR51.325%31 Aug 2020
WisdomTree Physical SilverOther25.041 USD51.070%31 Aug 2020
Public Islamic OpportunitiesEquity0.545 MYR50.645%31 Aug 2020

Bottom Performers

Fund NameAsset TypeNAVYTD Return*As Of
OSO Syariah EquityEquity26.305 IDR-95.350%31 Aug 2020
Mega Asset Pendapatan Tetap SyariahBond11.084 IDR-81.992%31 Jul 2020
Narada Saham Berkah SyariahEquity104.164 IDR-75.507%31 Aug 2020
IRGAM StrategieEquity57.080 MAD-58.018%31 Aug 2020
Asia Raya Syariah Darma SahamEquity211.750 IDR-50.489%31 Aug 2020
Blom Cedars Balanced BMixed Assets1359.709 USD-47.450%31 Aug 2020
Blom Cedars Balanced CMixed Assets1662.914 USD-47.450%31 Aug 2020
Blom Cedars Balanced AMixed Assets2189.200 USD-47.450%31 Aug 2020
Corfina Amanah Saham SyariahEquity495.348 IDR-45.922%31 Aug 2020
JS Islamic Hybrid Fund of Funds-MufeedMixed Assets45.840 PKR-45.645%31 Aug 2020

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