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Top Performers

Fund NameAsset TypeNAVYTD Return*As Of
HSBC Saudi Construction & Cement Companies EquityEquity5.442 SAR42.552%31 Jul 2019
Osool & Bakheet Parallel Market Trading EquityEquity1.240 SAR40.908%31 Jul 2019
Saudi Fransi Al Qasr GCC RealEst&Const Eq TradingEquity11.362 SAR33.193%31 Jul 2019
DWS Noor Precious Metals Securities J SGDEquity0.528 SGD30.991%31 Jul 2019
DWS Noor Precious Metals Securities B USDEquity0.723 USD30.863%31 Jul 2019
DWS Noor Precious Metals Securities A USDEquity0.632 USD30.301%31 Jul 2019
Markaz Real EstateReal Estate1.343 KWD27.998%31 Jul 2019
Global 10 Large Cap IndexEquity1.789 KWD27.862%31 Jul 2019
Allied Asset Advisors Iman FundEquity13.610 USD27.413%31 Jul 2019
WSF Global Equity GBP IEquity13.860 GBP26.460%31 Jul 2019

Bottom Performers

Fund NameAsset TypeNAVYTD Return*As Of
Reliance Saham SyariahEquity66.805 IDR-92.846%31 Mar 2019
Pool Advista Kapital SyariahEquity360.269 IDR-64.642%31 Jul 2019
Treasure Saham Berkah SyariahEquity352.594 IDR-63.188%31 Jul 2019
Aurora Sharia EquityEquity426.177 IDR-60.444%31 Jul 2019
Pan ARCADIA Dana Saham SyariahEquity408.368 IDR-52.977%31 Jul 2019
MNC Dana Syariah Ekuitas IIEquity467.522 IDR-51.575%31 Jul 2019
Maybank Dana Ekuitas SyariahEquity431.249 IDR-48.235%31 Jul 2019
Mega Asset Multicash SyariahMoney Market570.696 IDR-46.355%31 Jul 2019
Aurora Syariah Saham AmanahEquity612.050 IDR-31.873%31 Jul 2019
RMA Treso PlusMoney Market72.500 MAD-24.043%31 Jul 2019

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