Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort Moves into Site Preparation Phase

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, 12th of December 2008: The Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort (AWPR) has today announced the recent demolition of a landmark structure, the Houbara Aviary, originally built for the Al Ain Zoo. The crushed composition will be recycled and used to build the new project, as the AWPR moves site preparation into initial phase.

"Through the destruction and recycling of this building, we intend to create a monument to environmental sustainability which we owe to Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, said Majid Al Mansoori, Managing Director, AWPR."

"As sustainability is the key value to our development, it is our mission to become the pride of our community by providing a world class destination, where cultures, people and wildlife live in harmony," added Al Mansoori.

The Aviary was built in the 1970's and since then, has been home to the legendary Houbara Bustard. Recognised as a landmark of the city of Al Ain for years, the structure (800m long, 30m wide and 10m high) was built to allow the elusive species to breed in a quasi-natural environment.

It was in the aviary that the first ever breeding of the birds was recorded in the UAE, which took place in 1982. In 1990, when the Houbara Bustard breeding was transferred to the National Avian Research Centre in Sweihan, the Aviary became home to one of the largest collections of Kori-Bustards in the world. In fact, to date there are only seven facilities in the world that have bred Kori-Bustards, the Al Ain Zoo included.

"Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort is a place for people to experience and learn about wildlife and conservation in a unique natural desert setting. AWPR builds on the forty years of heritage of the Al Ain Zoo and is working towards creating a sustainable world class destination that aims to be an internationally renowned centre of excellence. In keeping with this, rather than filling the landfill with huge amounts of broken concrete from the aviary, the rubble will instead be passed through a powerful concrete crushing machine, turning it into powder. The recycled material from the aviary will then be used in the reconstruction of the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort."

"To date, AWPR has recycled 1700 tons of steel and 21,000 tons of concrete," concluded Al Mansoori.

All recycled material from the demolished aviary will be used in AWPR's new project.


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