29 September, 2014

Tamkeen Concludes 2015 - 2017 Strategy Consultation Forum

Manama, Bahrain, 29 September 2014:

Tamkeen Concludes 2015 - 2017 Strategy Consultation Forum
Manama, Bahrain, 29 September 2014:

Tamkeen concluded its Strategy Consultation Forum on Monday (Sept 29) which was held to discuss its draft strategy for 2015-2017. More than 400 people from the various economic sectors attended the forum over its two days (Sept 28 - 29), which comes in line with Tamkeen's ongoing efforts to communicate directly with the public, keep the public informed of its current and future plans, and discuss ways to develop its programmes to address market requirements.

Tamkeen's Chairman and Acting Chief Executive, His Excellency Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa, said he was delighted with the level of engagement of the attendees during the consultations, an indicator of the public's awareness of Tamkeen's importance and the crucial role it plays in supporting the private sector within the national economic framework.

His Excellency further expressed his appreciation of the attendees' valuable input on the proposed strategy, which seek to enhance the services to meet the public's ambitions and expectations. The proposed changes align Tamkeen's operations with the main pillars outlined in the previous consultation session held in March, which are: enhancing quality, focusing on customers, and achieving results.

"The paradigm shift outlined in the draft strategy can be summarised as moving our focus from quantity to quality. Through the revamped initiatives, we seek to optimise how we address labour market and private sector challenges to achieve maximum positive impact on our customers and economic development at large. The outcomes of these consultations will be integrated into the final draft strategy which will be given to the Board of Directors for approval at the end of this year," His Excellency Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa said. 

The new draft strategy was designed from a customer-oriented and results-oriented perspective. To align with this approach, enterprises were grouped into 3 segments: start-ups, growing enterprises, and mature enterprises. Individuals were similarly divided into 3 segments: students, professionals, and job seekers.

In addition, the revamped programmes will be more flexible and streamlined, and offered as integrated packages that address the needs of each customer. 


Moreover, there will be more focus on certain areas, such as fostering entrepreneurship and supporting more business diversification and expansion. In addition, Tamkeen will work on enhancing the customer relationship side of Tamkeen's operations through more direct outreach efforts via the available channels.

Those who were unable to attend the consultations may give their feedback on Tamkeen's 2015 - 2017 draft strategy until mid-November through Tamkeen's website (


About Tamkeen
Tamkeen is tasked with developing Bahrain's private sector and positioning it as the key driver of economic development. Established in August 2006, Tamkeen is one of the cornerstones of Bahrain's national reform initiatives and Bahrain's Economic Vision.  Tamkeen has two primary objectives: Firstly, fostering the creation and development of enterprises, and secondly, providing support to enhance the productivity and growth of enterprises and individuals.

To achieve these objectives, Tamkeen's strategy focuses on quality enhancement, customer care and having a results oriented approach. Through this strategy, a number of innovative programmes are provided to Bahrainis and businesses in Bahrain, which include training, consulting, financing, entrepreneurship support and others. These programmes help develop the capabilities of Bahrainis and enterprises and integrate new critical concepts for a vibrant sustainable private sector.

To date, Tamkeen's programmes have benefited more than 100,000 Bahrainis and businesses.

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