16 May, 2016

Nurturing Human Capital: The Missing Piece of the Entrepreneurship Puzzle in MENA

16 May 2016
The Mowgli Foundation has published a report that highlights the need for entrepreneurship ecosystems and funders alike to focus on and invest more in the development of human capital to effectively empower entrepreneurial growth.

The 'Nurturing Human Capital: The Missing Piece of MENA's Entrepreneurship Puzzle' report analyzes the current situation of the entrepreneurship ecosystem across the region and shares insights into what is needed to enable and empower entrepreneurs to grow sustainable businesses, drive economic growth and strengthen their leadership capabilities.

Mowgli CEO, Kathleen Bury, explained, "The support of sustainable entrepreneurship and SME development within the MENA region continues to be hailed as a long term and viable solution for international and local governments to address the enormous challenges the region is facing. On average 80% of startup entrepreneurs fail on their first attempt, so it is imperative that the surrounding ecosystem supports them rather than hinders them."

Bury added, "Investing in human capital is just one piece of the entrepreneurial ecosystem puzzle, and has to date not been a key focus area in the region.  We believe that it is the foundation upon which all the other components can be optimized and where the greatest return on entrepreneurial investment can be made."

Bury concluded, "Entrepreneurs are created through nurture, not just by nature. For truly effective nurturing to take place, mentoring needs to be holistic (focused on personal and business), supported and implemented through a structured process. Entrepreneurs need to be mentored by trained mentors and the initial phase of the mentoring relationships need close support so that the foundations are set for their future development. This will in turn positively reflect on the development of the region's entrepreneurship ecosystem."

The full report is available on Mowgli's website (


About Mowgli Foundation
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Mowgli provides mentoring programs that inspire, connect and guide entrepreneurs and leaders to overcome life's personal and business challenges through the:

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In 2016, the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) awarded the European Quality Award (EQA) to Mowgli for its Mowgli Mentoring Experience (MME) program and in 2012, Mowgli received the Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Young Business Leaders Award for the 'Best Mentor Network in the Arab Region'

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