22 September, 2013

Easyclass is the new technology in Education

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are effectively digital classes

22 September 2013
Empirical studies demonstrate that online technology has significant positive effect on student participation, interaction and learning when used along with traditional classroom lecture. Online tools provide unique opportunities for the instructors to engage students in various activities and offer a new dimension for interaction.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are effectively digital classes which are used by educators to store the course materials online; assign tasks, quizzes and exams; monitor due dates; view student results; track progress and provide students with feedback all in one place. Unfortunately, LMSs normally cannot be afforded by all schools and universities. However, with the introduction of web-based LMS,; teachers, professors and students now can have access to all the digital tools they need for learning - and for free.

Using technology tools individualizes the learning experience by allowing students to learn at their own pace and according to their interest, previous knowledge and style. For example, students can watch the educational videos shared by the instructors as many times as they require until they fully grasp the subject matter.

Different from the traditional LMS providers, Easyclass also has online discussion forums as part of its core features, which is instrumental in enhanced learning experience. The interactions in online forums allow students to post messages to the discussion threads, interact and receive feedback from other students and instructor and hence foster deeper understanding towards the subject matter. Online discussions also promote a sense of community which results in collaborative exploration and critical thinking.

With the social network features, Easyclass provides the educators with the opportunity to form groups with their peers whereby they can discuss about new trends and share educational content with each other. 

The use of LMSs such as Easyclass allows the learning community to interact with others online as well as to access course materials and resources anytime from anywhere. Research studies have shown that online tools provide significant opportunities for students to actively engage in their learning process through active participation.

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