GOLDiON Fuel Cell Bus Project - Details on ZAWYA KSA Edition
added on: 10 March 2020

GOLDiON Fuel Cell Bus Project

Also known as: GOLDiON Project


GOLDI Mobility Kft planned to develop GOLDiON Fuel Cell Bus Project, in Hungary and Europe. Hy-HybridEnergy Limited and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Pte Ltd were in collaboration with GOLDI to develop this project. The project would be developed through 3 phases to build local manufacturing facility of fuel cells with the designed capacity of 10,000 vehicle stacks per year. Phase 1 included the deployment of 18-meter fuel cell bus in Hungary. Phase 2 would be the procurement of multiple fuel cell drivetrains and assembly of 12 and 18-meter fuel cell buses in Hungary for roll-out to EU. And Phase 3 would be the local assembly and manufacture of fuel cell drivetrains in Hungary with the goal of significantly reducing the cost of 12 and 18-meter fuel cell buses to be deployed across the EU. The project was expected to work on selective combination of manufacturing locations including China, Hungary to bring the unit cost down even at low production volume. It was working closely with Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency to coordinate the collaboration between Horizon and GOLDI.
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