BMTE - ±800 kV Brazil Belo Monte High Voltage DC Transmission Line Phase 1 Project - Details on ZAWYA KSA Edition
added on: 26 December 2018

BMTE - ±800 kV Brazil Belo Monte High Voltage DC Transmission Line Phase 1 Project

Also known as: Belo Monte line 1 (Xingu-Estreito)


The ± 800 kV UHVDC Xingu-Estreito Transmission Line starts from Xingu Station in Para, (PA), crosses Tocantins (TO) and Gois (GO) until reaches Estreito in Minas Gerais (MG), passing through 70 municipalities. The project is the result of energy cooperation between China and Brazil under the “Belt and Road Initiative.” It the first 800 kV line of the country. Belo Monte Phase I is the first UHV DC transmission line of Belo Monte Hydropower Plant --- Brazil’s second largest hydropower plant (with an installed capacity of 11.23GW). This "Electric Power Expressway" running through the north to the south of Brazil stretches across four states and 66 cities with a transmission distance of 2,076 kilometers and a transmission capacity of 4GW. More than one-third of the electricity generated by the Belo Monte Hydropower Plant can be delivered to load centers in southeast Brazil, creating a large channel for north-south interconnection in Brazil to meet the annual electricity demand of 22 million people. The Belo Monte ±800kV power transmission project is jointly owned by China's State Grid and Eletrobras in Brazil’s Ibiraci City. The Project was funded and constructed by a joint-venture, Belo Monte Transmissora de Energia, consist of SGBH, FURNAS and Eletronorte (SGBH 51%, FURNAS 24.5%, Eletronorte 24.5%) with Power Construction Corporation of China, Tabacos, Incomisa, and Cobra as the general EPC contractor of transmission lines and Siemens as the general EPC contractor of the converter stations.
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