Arab Dairy Products (ARAB DAIRY)- Panda completes its plan to reconcile company's conditions in Egyptian Stock Exchange  

The company's sales during 2017 reached 1.14 billion pounds.


Arab Dairy Products Company. (ARAB DAIRY) - Panda (the Egyptian Stock Exchange code ADPC.CA) (One of Pioneers Holding Companies) announces the completion of its plan to reconcile its conditions in the Egyptian Stock Exchange through the sale of Some shareholders 2.2% of their shares in the company's capital During the session on Thursday, 10/5/2018, thus becoming a free stock trading ratio 5% and the number of shareholders not less than 300 shareholders.Commenting on this, Mr. Yasser Zaki, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the company, said: "We have been able to reconcile our position in the Egyptian Stock Exchange in a short period of time so that we can maintain our presence and serve a large sector of investors because we believe that our continuation In the Egyptian Stock Exchange will reflect positively on the development and the growth of the company during the coming periods.  

Zaki added that during the coming period, we aim to increase the company's production capacity to meet the increasing demand for all the company's products and continue to open new export markets.As for the volume of the company's sales, Zaki said that the company's sales during 2017 reached 1.14 billion pounds compared to sales 646.6 billion pounds in the previous year.  Investor Relations Manager Mr. Hany Ibrahim MujahidPhone: +2 02 26241883Mobile: + 201001644511Address: No. 15 Abdel Hamid Badawy Street - Heliopolis - Cairo - EgyptE-mail: 


About Arab Dairy Products Company (ARAB DAIRY) - PandaArab Dairy Products Company - Arab Dairy - Panda (an Egyptian shareholding company) was established in September 1985 under the license of the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt in accordance with the provisions of the Investment Law No. 43 of 1974 and its Executive Regulations for the purpose of producing white cheese. On April 11, 1990, The policy of the company was amended to become the target of the company is producing all dairy products and all kinds of cheese. The company was listed in the Egyptian Stock Exchange on 6/1/2009 code ADPC.CA.

About  Pioneers Holding Group  Pioneers Holding Group is an Egyptian joint stock company listed in the Egyptian Stock Exchange. It is one of the leading investment and financial services groups in the region. It is acquiring, restructuring and establishing new projects in three main specialized sectors: the non-banking financial services sector, housing, Contracting and industrial sector. The company is one of the largest investment entities, not only in the Egyptian market, but in the Arab region as a whole, under its umbrella currently includes 57 subsidiaries, including 9 companies listed in the Egyptian stock exchange. And The company's capital is 3.6 billion pounds.

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