Governments in the Middle East face new and increasingly complex challenges. Officials and ministries need new innovations in administering legal and tax systems, improving their ability to raise, transfer and regulate capital; build connected government entities, apply big data methods and manage their position in the world.

Thomson Reuters Government provide solutions to promote smart city initiatives and greater efficiency through data and intelligence, improvements to the administration of legal and tax requirements and the transfer of assets and resources.

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Gain a deeper understanding of regional financial markets through Thomson Reuters Eikon - our flagship platform. Providing critical news, intelligence and data on MENA markets and asset classes, trading tools and research to capitalize on the emerging investment opportunities.

Thomson Reuters Eikon contains content from Zawya to offer unparalleled coverage of MENA markets and asset classes, Islamic finance, as well as providing best-in-class research capabilities in order to capitalize on emerging investment opportunities.


Thomson Reuters Elektron is a suite of data and trading propositions, including low latency feeds along with the analytics, enterprise platform and transactional connectivity to support any workflow application.

All of these capabilities can be deployed at a customer location or delivered as a fully managed service from any one of our co-location and proximity hosting sites around the globe.

Eikon Auctions

We facilitate bond issuance and management of debt issuance for ministries of finance and central banks across the globe.

Revenue Management

Thomson Reuters provide tools for effective revenue collection, land management and economic diversification, supporting governments to transform and work efficiently.

World-Check One

Thomson Reuters World-Check One's unified platform approach offers a highly effective scalable solution for customer due diligence.

Using World-Check data, the trusted and accurate source of risk intelligence, World-Check One supports screening for Know Your Customer (KYC), AML, CFT and third party risks. This solution helps you meet your regulatory obligations, make informed decisions, and help prevent your business from inadvertently being used to launder the proceeds of crime or association with corrupt business practices.

Regulatory Intelligence

Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence delivers a focused view of global regulatory compliance, empowering professionals to make well-informed decisions to manage regulatory risk with confidence using the most comprehensive and trusted intelligence available.

Audit Manager

Thomson Reuters Audit Manager is trusted by hundreds of organizations around the world to drive more efficient, thoughtful internal audits. Our solution connects you to the intelligence and insight you need, when you need it, so you can help your organization make risk-aware choices about both challenges and opportunities.

Compliance Learning

Thomson Reuters facilitates governments with eLearning and in-person training. We offer a suite of training courses: market ready, customized and bespoke solutions are available for on-site and digital training and certification.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Get a detailed background check on any entity or individual, no matter where they are located in the world with Thomson Reuters Enhanced Due Diligence. Used by organizations globally to enhance and simplify the due diligence process and protect against reputational damage.

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Indirect Tax provides a single solution for the management of global VAT determination and VAT compliance. Our tax solutions provide information on the latest country-specific tax requirements to help understand your company's tax liabilities with monthly tax updates through a fully automated software.

Thomson Reuters Aumentum

Effective land administration and property taxation are crucial components of government revenue management. Aumentum from Thomson Reuters is a software solution designed to simplify the entire property lifecycle, providing land and tax officials the tools they need to optimize revenues, support growth and improve public service.

Thomson Reuters Westlaw Middle East

Thomson Reuters Westlaw Middle East is the world's most advanced legal research engine for legal professionals and entities providing knowledge, efficient and productive search options when it comes to local and global laws and regulations.

Thomson Reuters MatterSphere

Drive down costs and increase efficiencies across your entire legal department with MatterSphere, a unified matter and document management system. MatterSphere standardizes common working processes by centralizing information, templates and precedents. It integrates seamlessly into MS Office, automates repetitive tasks and eliminates redundancies.

Thomson Reuters ProView

ProView is a professional grade platform for hosting content, particularly e-books, allowing users to personal their content, by highlighting passages, make notes, and linking content together.


Thomson Reuters C-Track is a innovative case management system that captures, tracks, processes and reports on cases from filing to deposition. Our solutions integrate e-filing, case management and public solutions with other court applications for even greater efficiency.

Practical Law

Practical Law helps legal departments and lawyers to work faster and advise on matters with confidence. We go beyond and complement primary law and research to help our customers meet client demands for increased efficiency and greater value.

Thomson Reuters Projects

Thomson Reuters Projects empowers you with the project intelligence you need to stay ahead of the competition. Access the data, market insights, news, research and analysis you require to gain full visibility of the project pipeline and supply chain, prepare for tenders and bids, reduce risks, control costs, identify opportunities and make more strategic decisions.

Islamic Economy

Leverage our global Islamic economy portal, Salaam Gateway, to receive the latest news, industry intelligence, data and insights from Islamic economy sectors. Access reports provided by experts, analysts and industry thought leaders on Islamic finance, Halal food, travel, pharmaceuticals, modest fashion, digital, media and recreation.

Thomson Reuters Accelerate SME

Thomson Reuters Accelerate SME is the Middle East's most comprehensive platform designed to empower business owners to achieve growth through access to a number of resources, information and expertise.

Business owners can build credibility and visibility with the Thomson Reuters Trust Certified accreditation which sets a benchmark for business owners by providing reliable indicators on the health of their business. Trust Certified supports business owners throughout the region by increasing business opportunities and supporting access to funding.

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