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Top Performers

Fund NameAsset TypeNAVYTD Return*As Of
Osool & Bakheet Parallel Market Trading EquityEquity1.190 SAR35.307%30 Apr 2019
HSBC Saudi Financial Institutions Equity FundEquity25.344 SAR28.874%30 Apr 2019
Alawwal Invest Saudi Financial EquityEquity53.879 SAR27.368%30 Apr 2019
BMK Saudi Equity FundEquity18.603 SAR24.918%30 Apr 2019
HSBC Saudi Construction & Cement Companies EquityEquity4.983 SAR24.885%30 Apr 2019
NBK Gulf EquityEquity1.804 USD24.719%30 Apr 2019
HSBC Saudi Equity FundEquity185.616 SAR24.390%30 Apr 2019
Magna MENA G EUREquity20.933 EUR24.370%30 Apr 2019
Magna MENA N EUREquity41.578 EUR24.280%30 Apr 2019
Magna MENA R EUREquity39.471 EUR24.083%30 Apr 2019

Bottom Performers

Fund NameAsset TypeNAVYTD Return*As Of
Reliance Saham SyariahEquity66.805 IDR-92.846%31 Mar 2019
OSO Syariah EquityEquity272.573 IDR-44.225%30 Apr 2019
Pool Advista Kapital SyariahEquity639.041 IDR-39.334%30 Apr 2019
Aurora Sharia EquityEquity701.339 IDR-37.386%30 Apr 2019
Treasure Saham Berkah SyariahEquity670.113 IDR-34.540%30 Apr 2019
Pan ARCADIA Dana Saham SyariahEquity571.677 IDR-33.913%30 Apr 2019
Maybank Dana Ekuitas SyariahEquity561.994 IDR-30.895%30 Apr 2019
MNC Dana Syariah Ekuitas IIEquity689.067 IDR-30.844%30 Apr 2019
Aurora Syariah Saham AmanahEquity752.914 IDR-19.994%30 Apr 2019
Maybank Shariah CashMoney Market0.772 MYR-19.180%30 Apr 2019

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