| 19 April, 2017

Lebanese Darwiche Worldwide Legacy hotels appoints Soraya Benbada as worldwide marketing director

Darwiche Worldwide Legacy announced appointment of Soraya Benbada as the worldwide marketing director.

Lebanese Darwiche Worldwide Legacy hotels appoints Soraya Benbada as worldwide marketing director

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 19 April 2017

Darwiche Worldwide Legacy (DWL) has announced the appointment of Soraya Benbada as the worldwide marketing director. Taking up her position with immediate effect, Soraya will oversee all the marketing activities of DWL’s corporation of businesses including Jannah Hotels & Resorts, Andalus Hotels & Resorts, Al Dar Darak, Jannah Housekeepers, The Laundry Clubs and Prime Drive.

Of Moroccan origin, Soraya started her career in the UAE with Jannah Hotels & Resorts as a brand manager in 2015. She came from Casablanca, where she took up a Master’s degree in Marketing after discovering her passion for luxury brands and understanding their stories which evolved in an elaborate network of beliefs about the indispensable role of marketing in the business world. Living between Casablanca and Tokyo gave her broad exposure to multiple fields and cultures, and allowed her to be proficient in five international languages. With her new role, Soraya is dedicated to take on the gargantuan task of cluster marketing and ultimately conquer the world together with DWL as the company expands outside the UAE.


About Darwiche Worldwide Legacy (DWL)
The seeds of DWL’s history hundreds of years ago, pledges were taken to free oneself from the world through abstaining from personal gain. The first Darwiche, living in poverty and only seeking to gain for others, became spiritual guides and inspired humans for generations to come.

With its proven entrepreneurship spanning more than nine centuries, the Darwiche family line traces back to the Sakouj family, a family of shepherds in Antakya, Turkey who migrated to Lebanon roughly 300 years ago.

The family settled into the new country and prospered through the years where Nehme Imad Darwiche and Adonis Darwiche's grandfather, also named Nehme Darwiche, went on to open butchery in Ain El Merayseh, Lebanon. This was the first family-run business and the start of entrepreneurship in the family in their new century.

From these historical beliefs, a family heritage blossomed; spanning over 500 years and that lived not for financial gain but for improving other people’s lives. It is this deeply valued heritage that saw DWL expand into the international conglomerate it is today and it is this heritage that will take DWL into the future.

From hotel operator to investor, DWL has aggressively explored potential business opportunities beyond the hospitality industry. Today DWL has so far been successful in overseeing the following under its umbrella: the Jannah brand which manages seven hotels with five more projects in the pipeline, the Andalus brand, a five-star housekeeping facility, a luxury chauffeured car rental service, and a high-end laundry service. A list of investment projects is also underway for development in the UAE and elsewhere.

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