Abu Dhabi plans new intelligent transport system in Al Ain

Traffic light warning sign on blur traffic road with colorful bokeh light abstract background. Copy space of transportation and travel concept. Retro tone filter color style.

Traffic light warning sign on blur traffic road with colorful bokeh light abstract background. Copy space of transportation and travel concept. Retro tone filter color style.


ABU DHABI, 13th July, 2017 (WAM) -- The Integrated Transport Centre, ITC, in Abu Dhabi has announced that it has begun implementation of Intelligent Transport Infrastructure projects in Al Ain, including supply, installation, operation and infrastructure maintenance.

The project will be implemented over two years, followed by three other years for maintenance and operation work, at an expected cost of AED114 million.

The first phase includes implementation of a fiber optics infrastructure and intelligent integrated transport system. Management and maintenance work will begin in the second phase supervised by the implementation contractor.

"The implementation of this project comes as part of the government’s continuous efforts to employ modern technologies and improve the intelligent transport system," said Mohammed Darwish Al Qamzi, General Manager of ITC. "The Integrated Intelligent Transport System strategy aims to utilise resources by setting policies and technical standards. In consequence, all transport projects will be implemented according to the Surface Transport Master Plan in Al Ain, to fulfill the needs of the city shaped by the increased population and number of vehicles." Al Qamzi has also said that the detailed design of the project includes the development of 125 km long fiber optics infrastructure and building up 100 km long tracks for ground cables including all intersections and vital roads in Al Ain.

The project includes updating and developing the Central Traffic Control System Network using developed central servers with large storage capacities and link them with field control devices on all 79 of the city's current intersections and link the new 24 intersections that Al Ain Municipality is building. This will help in fulfilling the increasing demands generated by economic and population growth and the increased number of vehicles in the city.

Additionally, 2,000 electronic sensors are being implemented in order to identify traffic density, which will enable the system to manage it 24 hours. A number of smart systems applications will be developed based on the planned project. For example, there will be a Traffic Video Surveillance System on main roads and intersections with the installation of 50 digital cameras and 13 variable message signs. In addition, the project includes implementation of five Traffic Count System Stations to conduct traffic studies and link 14 'high vehicles' stations to protect bridges and tunnels in the city, coordinating with the department’s strategic stakeholders to study their demands from the infrastructure and assessing its viability to decrease costs.

Salah Al Marzouqi, Director of Integrated Intelligent Transport Systems, said that the project and the systems would effectively contribute to traffic management, reduce the number of accidents and congestion during rush hours. The systems will be connected via a fiber optics communications network that is linked with the new Traffic Management Centre in Al Ain.

"A specialised team at the centre monitors traffic movement and smart systems 24 hours a day and coordinates with other concerned parties in Al Ain City, like the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters and the municipality. This cooperation helps in the dissemination of traffic and transport information, events management and any other incidents that effect traffic," said Al Marzouqi.

The centre will monitor and manage all intelligent transport systems and devices in Al Ain along with preventive maintenance operations that will assist in improving the level of safety and ensure its efficiency.

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