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StockCountrySectorLast% ChangeDiv YieldPE
SHARM DREAMSEgyptLeisure and Tourism3.39 EGP2.727% 0.00% 6.239
AL-DAWLIYAH H&M JordanLeisure and Tourism0.54 JOD0.00% 4.63% 0.0
Al-Batinah Hotels Co.(S.A.O.G) OmanLeisure and Tourism----
PYRAMISA HOTELSEgyptLeisure and Tourism22.25 EGP9.985% 0.00% 8.557
Groupe Risma MoroccoLeisure and Tourism----
National Shooting Company K.P.S.C. KuwaitLeisure and Tourism----
Kuwait Resorts Company K.P.S.C. KuwaitLeisure and Tourism----
National Hotels Company B.S.C. BahrainLeisure and Tourism----
ROWAD MISR TRISMEgyptLeisure and Tourism480.75 EGP0.00% 0.00% 0.0
RAMCO TOURISTICEgyptLeisure and Tourism2.71 EGP1.119% 0.00% 2.088
MISR HOTELSEgyptLeisure and Tourism55.06 EGP0.00% 8.173% 3.926
Abdulmohsen Alhokair Group for Tourism and Development Saudi ArabiaLeisure and Tourism----
ROWAD TOURISMEgyptLeisure and Tourism8.69 EGP5.718% 0.00% 12.225
Kingdom Holding Company Saudi ArabiaLeisure and Tourism----
Dhofar Tourism Company SAOG OmanLeisure and Tourism----
ZARA INVESTMENTSJordanLeisure and Tourism0.60 JOD0.00% 3.333% 17.54
Tourism Enterprises Company Saudi ArabiaLeisure and Tourism----
MARSA TRSM DEVPTEgyptLeisure and Tourism0.639 EGP3.734% 0.00% 0.0
Hotels Management Company International SAOG OmanLeisure and Tourism----
Salalah Beach Resort SAOG OmanLeisure and Tourism----
ARAB INTL HOTEL JordanLeisure and Tourism0.88 JOD4.76% 7.143% 215.38
Al Buraimi Hotel (SAOG) OmanLeisure and Tourism----
Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding Company Saudi ArabiaLeisure and Tourism----
National Corporation for Tourism & Hotels UAELeisure and Tourism----
Future Kid Entertainment and Real Estate Company K.S.C.P. KuwaitLeisure and Tourism----
GENIAL TOURSEgyptLeisure and Tourism2.16 EGP-0.461% 0.00% 0.0
GOLDEN COASTEgyptLeisure and Tourism3.32 EGP-1.484% 0.00% 0.0
ORASCOM EGYPT EgyptLeisure and Tourism6.86 EGP3.469% 0.00% 11.652
ELWADI INTRNLEgyptLeisure and Tourism7.36 EGP-0.271% 0.00% 3.046
JOR HOTEL TOURS JordanLeisure and Tourism3.08 JOD0.00% 9.74% 21.4
MEDITER. TOURISMJordanLeisure and Tourism2.24 JOD0.00% 2.273% 92.18
NEW CASTLE INVSTEgyptLeisure and Tourism2.00 EGP0.00% 0.00% 0.0
TRANSOCEANS TOUREgyptLeisure and Tourism0.05 USD0.00% 1.80% 17.857
Gulf Hotels Oman Company Limited SAOG OmanLeisure and Tourism----
DXB ENT UAELeisure and Tourism0.213 AED0.00% 0.00% 0.0
Ubar Hotels & Resorts SAOG OmanLeisure and Tourism----
Abu Dhabi National Hotels PJSC UAELeisure and Tourism----
JORDANIAN FUNDS JordanLeisure and Tourism3.35 JOD0.00% 0.00% 0.0
JORDAN EXPRESS JordanLeisure and Tourism1.90 JOD0.00% 6.316% 10.46
Leejam Sports Company Saudi ArabiaLeisure and Tourism----
Gulf Hotels Group B.S.C. BahrainLeisure and Tourism----
EL SHAMS PYRAMIDEgyptLeisure and Tourism2.89 USD0.00% 0.00% 578.0
Kuwait Hotels Company K.S.C.P. KuwaitLeisure and Tourism----