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StockCountrySectorLast% ChangeDiv YieldPE
CREDIT IMMOMoroccoFinancial Services324.50 MAD1.72% 4.39% 26.73
HPSMoroccoInformation Technology4,130.00 MAD0.00% 1.21% 32.25
CREDIT MAROCMoroccoFinancial Services545.00 MAD0.00% 1.47% 11.66
M2M GROUPMoroccoInformation Technology500.00 MAD0.00% 0.00% 10.22
Compagnie Sucrerie Marocaine et de Raffinage S.A. MoroccoFood and Beverages----
LYDECMoroccoPower and Utilities437.20 MAD0.00% 5.60% 20.68
STOKVIS NORD AFRMoroccoIndustrial Manufacturing10.25 MAD4.06% 0.00% 9.55
BALIMAMoroccoReal Estate100.00 MAD0.00% 5.32% 14.51
Societe Anonyme Marocaine de l'Industrie du Raffinage MoroccoOil and Gas----
Zellidja S.A MoroccoFinancial Services----
SNEPMoroccoOil and Gas520.00 MAD-5.28% 1.92% 29.63
PROMOPHARMMoroccoHealth Care841.00 MAD0.00% 0.00% 16.08
Lesieur Cristal S.A. MoroccoFood and Beverages----
MAGHREBAILMoroccoFinancial Services944.00 MAD0.00% 5.30% 12.64
INVOLYSMoroccoInformation Technology139.10 MAD0.00% 5.75% 11.38
MANAGEMMoroccoMining and Metals860.00 MAD1.18% 1.74% 0.0
Taslif,Societe de Credit a la Consommation S.A. MoroccoFinancial Services----
Auto Nejma Maroc S.A. MoroccoTransport----
Wafa Assurance MoroccoFinancial Services----
DELATTRE LEVMoroccoIndustrial Manufacturing21.65 MAD-5.99% 0.00% 0.0