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StockCountrySectorLast% ChangeDiv YieldPE
NATION DRILLINEgyptIndustrial Manufacturing4.96 USD0.00% -0.0
SINIORA FD INDSTJordanFood and Beverages4.22 JOD0.00% 3.318% 17.27
Elbene Industrie SA TunisiaFood and Beverages----
ALINMA TOKIO MSaudi ArabiaFinancial Services11.06 SAR-0.90% 0.00% 0.0
MOUWASAT MED SEVSaudi ArabiaHealth Care81.00 SAR1.89% 0.00% 18.53
ARAB DAIRY PRDEgyptFood and Beverages5.74 EGP0.00% 0.00% 22.554
AD COMMERCIAL BKUAEFinancial Services4.05 AED6.02% 9.948% 5.33
Office Plast SA TunisiaConsumer Goods----
CHUBB ARABIA COSaudi ArabiaFinancial Services21.10 SAR0.96% 0.00% 13.81
BANK OF SHARJAHUAEFinancial Services0.64 AED-1.54% 0.00% 7.05