Velana International Airport Expansion Project - New Terminal Building - Details on ZAWYA MENA Edition
added on: 09 October 2019

Velana International Airport Expansion Project - New Terminal Building

Also known as: VIP Reconstruction and Expansion Project


Maldives Airports Company Limited planned to develop Velana International Airport Project - New Terminal Building, in Airport Main Rd, Male Island, Maldives. The contractors of the project included Beijing Urban Construction Group Co, Ltd, Binladin Contracting Group, Gulf Cobla L.L.C., 'CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Co., Ltd. The project covered the construction of new terminal building infrastructure, steel structure installation, interior decoration, etc. The new terminal building was planned to estimated to be 37,000 square meters, which would be divided into five areas from zone 1 to zone 5, zone 1 to zone 4 would be connected as a whole, which would be the main part of the terminal building. There are 6 bridges on the east side and zone 5 on the southwest corner. It would be an auxiliary facility area such as the boiler pool of the terminal building and would be separated from the terminal building. The project aimed to alleviate the pressure on visitors from Maldives airport to improve the tourist experience and promote the development of local tourism. It would also be an important node project of the 'Belt and Road Initiative' and an iconic project of China-Maldives on the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.
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Airport Terminal
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